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Foto de Marilyn Monroe


 La marca Marilyn Monroe es la esencia espiritual de la diva de Hollywood. Con su pelo rubio platino, estilo único y ese distintivo lunar, es aún una de las mujeres más emblemáticas de la moda actual. Encuentra aquí el teléfono, la cartera y mucha más de nuestra coquetería y adquiérelos ahora.
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We are delighted to introduce you to the place where we create the iconic fashion of the legendary brand Marilyn Monroe. Here you will find everything related to fashionable women's clothing, from the latest trends to tips to look amazing on any occasion.

At the Marilyn Monroe Company we are passionate about women's fashion and we love sharing our knowledge with you. Our goal is to offer you a premium and professional experience, where you can enjoy learning about the most current trends and discover unique high-end styles.

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In our blog you will also find information about feminine outfits for different occasions, as well as influential content for seduction and creation, optimization and promotion strategies to apply on your own personal social networks. We like to address topics related to fashion, travel, food, technology and lifestyle, to offer you a complete experience.

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In addition, on our blog you will also find the latest news about fashion designers, events and catwalks, as well as the biography of Marilyn Monroe, her films and discography. We love sharing the life and career of this incomparable icon of film, fashion, the red carpet and music, and we are sure you will love to learn more about her.

In our official online store you can find a wide selection of clothing inspired by Marilyn Monroe, fashion designs influenced by her vintage style. We are committed to offering you cutting-edge solutions, beneficial for your style and of the highest quality. Our iconic Marilyn Monroe fashion collection includes t-shirts, shirts, pants, shoes, watches, outerwear and an extensive range of wearable and collectible products, as well as premium memorabilia, perfect for fans and collectors.

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