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Classic cut tank top from Marilyn Monroe, the women's fashion brand

This is our classic sleeveless t-shirt, an extraordinary update of the 50's for the biggest fans of Marilyn, the true fashion lovers and masters of natural seduction, you have only seen it and you want it without limits, when you try it At home you will feel how it embraces your body and by then it will be essential in your wardrobe, which will fill with light and good vibes. Get it here, quickly, easily and before stocks run out.

* Material: 82% polyester, 18% spandex.

* Fabric weight: 6.78 oz/yd² (230 g/m²) (weight may vary by 5%).

* Four-way stretch, meaning the fabric stretches and recovers in the transverse and longitudinal fibers.

* Made with a soft and comfortable microfiber yarn.

* Ultra-brushed and extra-care fleece fabric on the inside.

* Cutting and tailoring from inspiring women to unisex.

* Artisan labor accompanies this garment throughout the entire process:

Design, preparation, quality control, packaging and shipping.

This product is made exclusively for you as soon as you place your order, which is why it takes us a little longer to deliver it to you. Making products to order instead of in bulk helps reduce overproduction and the subsequent impact on the environment, in addition to turning your garment into a piece of unique value. Thank you for making smart, thoughtful decisions while protecting the health of our planet.

If you want it; get it now.

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Logo of the women's clothing brand Marilyn Monroe

Publisher Details: Marilyn Monroe Company

The most exclusive original women's fashion brand of Marilyn Monroe, actress, sex symbol, singer, pop icon, muse of cinema and universal art, buy your favorite garments now. T-shirts, skirts, shoes, blouses, jackets, jackets, dresses, watches, jewelry, accessories and an endless number of gifts for women of quality beyond temptation and as many as you can imagine. Classic cut tank top from Marilyn Monroe, the women's fashion brand

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