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Marilyn Monroe's makeup style

On October 6, Fragmentos was published in Spain, a book that compiles many of the personal writings of Marilyn Monroe, an actress I really like. Taking advantage of this occasion, I would like to review with you her style, one of the most recognized, famous and imitated of all the styles of the stars.

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Marilyn Monroe's makeup style

Known worldwide for her roles as a dumb blonde, the published documents reveal a nervous and cultured woman who felt permanently alone. Not surprising in someone who went through a very tormented childhood, partly because of her mother's mental illness and also because of the abuse she was subjected to since a little before her adolescence. But let's get back to our topic, okay?

The photo that you see in the main image is from one of his latest movies, The Prince and the Showgirl, and in it you can recognize the basic elements of the 'Marilyn style': short blond hair, slightly curly, angled eyebrows , red lips, face and eyes made up very soft.

Although Marilyn's makeup is widely imitated, little is known of the exact products she used. She used the Erno Laszlo brand and also Nivea cream, but many other brands have been mentioned as her favorites. Although she had her own makeup artist, Allan “Whitey” Snyder, who accompanied her from her first fitting in 1946 to her funeral less than 20 years later, in 1962, she kept things like the exact lipstick she used.

So what we can do is use the color photos to try to guess her style cues. Let's start with her face, although there is very little to say about it: one of Marilyn's characteristics is that her face was always made up in very natural tones. For this, a cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration routine is essential (you can't say that we've never told you, huh?). And on top of that, concealers and a makeup base to create skin in perfect condition.

To sculpt, Marilyn used very soft pink blush on her cheeks and highlighter on the upper part of her face, on the cheek bones, under her eyes, in the middle of them, and on her eyelids. The result is a very natural makeup that highlights her eyes and refines her face.

In her eyes, first and to broaden her gaze, she applied a light-colored shadow over the eyelid up to the eyebrow. The main shadow was usually a not too showy color, like a soft gray or brown, applied to the outer crease of the eyelid.

Next comes her lining: she lined her upper eyelid from the inner corner, lengthening it beyond the end of the eye, always upwards to avoid giving her eyes a tired look. For the lower eyelid, the trick is to outline with a very fine line, from the beginning of the iris, closely following the line of the eyelashes, which will make them look much fuller. The upper and lower eyeliner should not touch at the outer corner of the eye, but there should be a small clean space between them, which will help make the eyes look bigger. And the final touch was given by the inevitable false eyelashes and a good mascara.

For the end, the most distinctive thing about the actress remains, her red lips. First of all, she outlined her lips with a liner that was a little darker than the color of her lipstick (as can be seen in this photo). The final lip color was obtained from mixtures of lipsticks, at least 3 different ones, which she placed in different areas to create the illusion that her lips were more voluptuous: the lighter ones in the center and the darker ones. in the extremes. On top of it all, she generously applied gloss, to further increase her volume. It is said that she used a special mixture of her own invention, which she did not tell anyone.

The true wonder of this style of makeup is that it is suitable for any of us, adapting its colors to the tones of our skin and our tastes, of course. All that is needed for such captivating makeup is to know our strengths in the mirror and with a lot of practice, highlight the beauty of our face. Isn't it great to be able to learn from such a captivating actress? I love it.

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Marilyn Monroe's makeup style


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