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The most exclusive fashion of the muse of universal cinema, buy your favorite clothes now.

* MM's Original Closed Ground Collection .

* MM's Excellent Classic Collection .

* MM's Special Female Revolution Collection.

* MM's Funny Urban Art Collection .

* Extraordinary Collection Of Complement And Accessories.

* ​
MM's Original Shoemaker Collection.

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   Marilyn Monroe's Diary

The most exclusive novelties for you in unique editions



We greet you from the Walk of Fame, Hollywood Blvd.

We are the authentic creators of the original Marilyn Monroe brand, a name in the world of women's fashion and haute couture since the end of 1962. We are here to satisfy your most intense desires, offering you authentic works of art created by the best designers in the industry.

Our collections are for a limited time, therefore, we recommend that you exhaust our stock quickly. Don't miss this unique opportunity to dress with the influence of the Marilyn Monroe Company!

On our website, you will find women's fashion tips and women's clothing combinations that will help you always look impeccable. In addition, our garments are inspired by the iconic universal star Marilyn Monroe, capturing her original essence.

Take advantage of this opportunity to purchase high-end clothing while raising your magnetism to the highest level. Our designs are creative, seductive and tempting, and are designed to cover your skin with style and elegance.

At Marilyn Monroe Company, we are committed to offering you complete, quality service. Our experience and creative talent allow us to provide you with unique solutions to improve your lifestyle. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Do not miss this opportunity. Get your high-end desires right now. You will not regret!

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Marilyn Monroe Company

Marilyn Monroe Original Brand

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Discover the authentic and original Marilyn Monroe fashion brand! Our goal is to offer you a fun and exciting experience, where you can enjoy exclusive clothing and accessories for girls. Our unmistakable feminine style stands out for its highest quality and for following the latest fashion trends. We have collections inspired by music, cinema and the fantastic style of "The Iconic Blonde Bombshell". From our online store, born in Los Angeles, California in the fall of 1962 as the Marilyn Monroe Company, being then a physical store, we offer you a wide range of women's fashion clothing with fascinating and spectacular designs.

Our brand is recognized worldwide for the high quality of our fabrics, excellence in manufacturing and guaranteed success with unique and avant-garde designs. We want you to feel special and become a universal seductress with Marilyn Monroe style. Don't wait any longer and explore our available collections! We invite you to discover a world full of fashion influenced by vintage style and the latest fashion trends. Improve your style, expand your horizons and enjoy clothes that will make you feel unique.

Join the Marilyn Monroe experience and become a girl with your own style!

Welcome to Marilyn Monroe's intimate zone! We are pleased to present you our exclusive "MM's Original Closed Ground" collection from the prestigious fashion brand Marilyn Monroe. Yes, you heard right, the iconic women's clothing brand now offers its own line of classic panties and thongs with a fantastic trendy touch. They are essential garments for your wardrobe! But wait, there is more. This collection is a limited edition, so we recommend that you quickly sell out of our numbered series. You won't want to miss the opportunity to look like a diva with our exclusive garments.

And that's not all, on our website you will find combinations of women's clothing that will help you always look impeccable. Isn't it great? You can dress with the influence of Marilyn Monroe and feel safe, protected and satisfied. So don't think twice, take advantage of this opportunity to purchase your favorite clothes in our online store. You will discover the quality and style that only our brand can offer you. Don't miss out on them, we are waiting for you!

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At the original fashion brand Marilyn Monroe we are delighted with your interest. We are pleased to offer you "MM's Excellent Classic Collection", full of unique versions of classic high-end women's fashion, designed by professionals with exceptional taste. Our basic style for women is excitement for your senses and gives you added value, turning you into a comfortable high-level seductress.

At the Marilyn Monroe Company, we keep up with the latest in classic women's clothing and color trends in women's fashion. If you are looking for elegant and sporty fashion for girls, we have exactly what you need. Offering you honesty, trust and security as characteristics that distinguish us from the rest, offering you a unique purchasing experience. Come in and find garments that pay tribute to the most classic style and many other slip-on jewels full of temptation. Our maximum dedication in cutting, tailoring and fabric selection gives you exceptional benefits in feminine formal attire and classic outfits for women. Each garment in our "MM's Excellent Classic Collection" collection is designed with detail and quality, guaranteeing an extraordinary wearing experience. Additionally, if you are looking to surprise someone, in our official store you will find gifts inspired by the legendary and iconic Marilyn Monroe. As experts in avant-garde fashion, we offer you an exclusive selection of solutions that reflect the spirit and style of this iconic universal figure. Don't miss this last opportunity to purchase unique versions in our online store. Explore it now and discover the elegance and charm of classic Marilyn Monroe Company fashion with a comfortable touch.

Explore Marilyn Monroe's "MM's Special Female Revolution Collection." It fuses the exclusive inspiring women's cut with the innovative "Quasicolor Line". Resulting in a unique diabolo effect in our select fabrics. Choose your favorites here and now. The Quasicolor line is registered in the "United States Patent and Trademark Office" in 2021, ensuring its authenticity and exclusivity.

The original women's fashion brand Marilyn Monroe presents this collection of exclusive versions with a satisfaction guarantee. We are the best option among women's fashion brands, offering a unique and valuable style by creating this spectacular trend for empowered girls. Stay up to date with the latest news and always look great with us. Our "MM's Special Female Revolution Collection" is designed with exceptionality and unique craftsmanship, demonstrating our talent, creative ideas and passion for casual fashion. Feel like "the blonde bombshell" while inspiring an entire generation and seducing the most demanding fashionistas. At Marilyn Monroe, we offer you casual clothing for women. Discover our casual outfits here. Buy your favorite casual clothing now and stand out from the crowd. Don't be left behind, expand your informal style and achieve success. Marilyn Monroe Company is the perfect solution to complete your look with femininity. Take advantage of this opportunity and acquire casual outfits for women that will exceed your expectations. Do not wait more!

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We are pleased to present to you the “MM's Funny Urban Art Collection”! where you will find the most avant-garde fashion created by the Marilyn Monroe Company, taking the essence of Marilyn Monroe's iconic spirit.

Experience the virtues offered by our collection, this gives you an experience in high quality and trends. Discover our latest news and fashion. Our products are high-end and environmentally friendly, take advantage of this unique opportunity to be part of the extraordinary women's fashion brand Marilyn Monroe.

This collection includes items that will turn you into a woman who goes beyond seduction. Get them here for a very limited time!

At the Marilyn Monroe women's fashion brand, our goal is to bring you unique fashion that seduces the crowds. Furthermore, on our website you will always find tempting and impeccable solutions.

Our products will bring you satisfaction, value and an improvement in your lifestyle. They will make you feel confident and outstanding on any occasion. Our high efficiency is backed by the legacy of Marilyn Monroe, guaranteeing the highest quality in each garment you purchase.

Join our original brand and feel the exclusivity of high-end. Do not wait more! Discover our “MM’s Funny Urban Art Collection” at Marilyn Monroe Company and buy your favorite clothes right now. We are waiting with open arms!

Discover Marilyn Monroe Company swimsuits. Buy your favorite online and experience quality and style. We create iconic and avant-garde fashion. Don't miss our summer fashion. Explore bikinis and find the perfect piece. Hurry, these are unique versions for a limited time.

Imagine looking radiant on the beach with our clothes. We offer you complete service, trends and ecological awareness. Influence your environment with our beach clothing. Bikinis designed with effort to dress in a unique way. Experience beyond your emotions because we offer you quality, seduction and irresistible promotions. Discover vintage designs with an exclusive cutting-edge touch and benefit from the high-end that we offer.

On our blog you will find women's fashion tips and advice, because our online store offers you unique experiences in the form of a premium version of high-end swimsuits, ideal style for empowered women and efficient products full of honesty and trust.

Don't miss our collections inspired by the authentic and genuine Marilyn Monroe. We are the only official store, come in and find perfect gifts for fans, explore MM's Fantastic Swimsuit Collection and find perfect swimsuits to look radiant. Get your best choice now and stand out from the crowd.

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Choose from our exclusive limited edition catalog and purchase the perfect bag to carry your essentials with you: phone, wallet, lipstick and etc., Hurry, they sell out quickly!, The prestigious women's fashion brand Marilyn Monroe will awaken all your senses with its wide selection of accessories, watches and accessories. Immerse yourself in an exceptional and fascinating experience with our spectacular collection "MM's Extraordinary Collection of Complement And Accessories". Like “the iconic blonde bombshell”, we understand the importance of conveying confidence, seduction and success on every occasion. Our experience in high quality and commitment to excellence ensures that you look impeccable at all times. Our unprecedented and premium garments offer you maximum quality, exclusivity and self-confidence. Discover the impressive fashion trends for women and delve into a unique style. Our online store offers you exclusive versions of garments that reflect the legacy of Marilyn Monroe. From women's clothing to the latest outfits, our brand offers you the latest trends in women's fashion. No matter what your style, at Marilyn Monroe Company you will find everything you need to stand out. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this unique experience. Explore our online stores and discover the quality, style and legacy of Marilyn Monroe in each garment. Dare to make a difference and live fashion to the fullest!

Discover our exciting original shoemaker collection in the "MM's Original Shoemaker Collection". Find the most influential colors of the season right away because these shoes are available for a limited time. Don't miss out on your favorites! Immerse yourself in Marilyn Monroe's authentic women's fashion brand through her incredible collections of boots, casual shoes and sneakers.

At "MM's Original Shoemaker Collection" we offer you creative and committed solutions to expand your experience. Our complete service provides you with comfort and feminine fashion, helping you look elegant even during your longest walks. The Marilyn Monroe fashion brand for girls adapts to the latest trends, guaranteeing durability and comfort in each pair of shoes. You can't miss this opportunity to look spectacular with the shoe rack from our collection!

Explore our online store right now and join the trends in women's fashion footwear. Get them before they run out! At "MM's Original Shoemaker Collection" we are waiting to take you to a new level of style and elegance. Don't wait any longer and place your order today, because our shoes are not just for walking...!

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At the Marilyn Monroe Company, we are excited to be a fashion brand committed to sustainability and environmental conservation. Our collections stand out for their feminine style and exceptional quality, but we strive to offer a wide variety of women's clothing and sets, always following the latest fashion trends.


We firmly believe that the best way to go green in the fashion industry is through custom cutting and sewing. This company philosophy allows us to avoid the overproduction of clothing, helping to reduce the waste of materials, and consequently, the accumulation of tons of clothing that contaminate areas of the planet, such as the Atacama Desert and the plastic island in the Pacific Ocean. By eliminating the stagnant stock in the Marilyn Monroe Company warehouses, we result in the complete absence of subsequent sales, these being the main culprits of the subsequent and unfair discounts of other brands, which end up devaluing the price of the garments previously purchased by their customers. . By acting in the opposite way, at the Marilyn Monroe Company, we reinforce our honesty, guaranteeing the value of your investment when you choose our brand. Furthermore, by adopting this approach we provide you with personalized and exclusive treatment.


At the Marilyn Monroe brand we exude commitment to ethics in fashion. We work with suppliers that meet high standards of social and environmental responsibility. We ensure that our garments are manufactured under fair and respectful conditions for workers and the environment. For us, fashion should not only be beautiful, but also ethical.


Our commitment to sustainability and the environment extends to eco-friendly clothing. We use organic and recycled materials in the manufacturing of our garments, thus reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry. We ensure that all our products are of the highest quality, without compromising the care of the planet.


We also offer a selection of recycled clothing. We believe in the importance of giving a second life to fabrics, preventing them from ending up in landfills or the sea and contributing to the circular economy. We carefully select and process our recycled materials to ensure they meet our high quality standards. Committing to the union of both is a powerful and multiplying weapon for the sustainability of our environment.


In conclusion, at the Marilyn Monroe Company we strive to be a sustainable, ethical and eco-friendly fashion brand. We care about caring for the environment and are committed to offering quality products, guaranteeing the satisfaction of our customers. We are proud to be part of Marilyn Monroe's legacy and to contribute to a more sustainable future in the fashion industry.

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