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La marca Marilyn Monroe es la esencia de la diva de Hollywood tras su muerte. La actriz, ícono pop y sex symbol, con su estilo único y ese distintivo lunar, es una de las mujeres más emblemáticas de la moda. Encuentra aquí tu tallas en ediciones limitadas y adquiere tus favoritas ahora.

The "MM's Special Female Revolution Collection" collection was born after an in-depth study on shape and color in Marilyn Monroe's creative laboratory, which culminated with the discovery of the "inspiring woman line cut" to which we must add our latest invention. called "quasicolor line". Both fused on our select fabrics to achieve an exclusive diabolo effect, which accentuates your silhouette, creating a slimming and stylizing result.

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Quasicolor line registered in the "United States Patent and Trademark Office". Year 2021.