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MM's Grant Casual Clock

MM's Extraordinary Collection Of Accessories And Accessories

No. 2022005242


This is Marilyn Monroe's "Grant Casual Clock" watch, it has a leather strap created from genuine synthetic leather providing a unique experience, it also has a forged stainless steel bottom cover and clasp, super resistant glass mirror cover to the wear., easy-close buckle, MIYOTA stainless quartz cassette mechanism and battery. Get hold of it because it is an exclusive modern and durable piece. Imagine when you are using it! An ideal machine for the most lovers of success. Acquire this inspiring women's watch and reintegrate in yourself all the power of Marilyn Monroe at the highest level, marking the times from now on.

* Size: 3.77 ounce watch face.

* Diameter (watch face): 1.10".

* Width (watch band): 0.71".

* Thickness (watch): 0.28".

* Length (full watch): 9.37".

* Operation: Electric.

* Water resistant for 30 meters.

* Stainless steel watch case.

* Leather band with buckle closure.

* Super wear-resistant glass mirror cover.

* Metal drawing bottom for waterproof well.

* Artisan labor accompanies this garment throughout the entire process: Design, clothing, quality control, packaging and shipping.


This product is made exclusively for you as soon as you place your order, that's why we take a little longer to deliver it to you. Making products to order instead of in bulk helps reduce overproduction and the subsequent impact on the environment, as well as turning your garment into a unique piece. Thank you for making smart and thoughtful decisions while protecting the health of our planet.

If you want it; get him now.


Use tips:

Do not put the watch and radio, television and other magnetic objects close to each other, so as not to affect the accuracy. Do not bring the watch close to solvent, mercury, makeup spray, detergent, adhesive or paint, camphor, otherwise the case, watch band and other discoloration, deterioration or damage. Waterproof, shockproof, antimagnetic watch, can only play a preventive role, in use should still avoid contact with water, magnetic field and strong vibration, so as not to damage the movement, affect the service life.

MM´s Grant Casual Clock

SKU: D2827965
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