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Marilyn Monroe's Canvas Boots

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Spontaneity, feeling comfortable in the now, do you know how I tell you? Marilyn Monroe responded to the journalist Richard Meryman when he asked her about the greatest secret of seduction in her last interview with LIFE magazine in 1962. Grab these canvas boots created in Marilyn Monroe immediately because they are created to walk at a higher level, get them and enjoy drawing attention on the go feeling protected and safe, because these shoes have a classic style with rubber soles and an excellent quality print, designed for increase your self-confidence, while you challenge your viewers by magnetizing them for the new trend which brands, put them on and feel the power of seduction in living nature. Acquire them quickly because it is a limited edition exhaustible with great ease.

* Material: Nylon canvas.

* Sizes: 6.5 - 11 US sizes.

* Rubber sole with Pull - Rear Loop.

* Easy adjustment.

*Care label printed inside.

* Cut and tailoring for an inspiring woman.

* Overlock seams.

* Please use the metric system for a more accurate size guide.

* Artisan labor accompanies this garment throughout the entire process: Design, clothing, quality control, packaging and shipping.

This product is made exclusively for you as soon as you place your order, that's why we take a little longer to deliver it to you. Making products to order instead of in bulk helps reduce overproduction and the subsequent impact on the environment, as well as turning your garment into a piece of unique value. Thank you for making smart and thoughtful decisions while protecting the health of our planet.

If you want it; get him now.

Marilyn Monroe's Canvas Boots

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