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What Marilyn Monroe's Exes Said About Her - A Fun and Crazy Story!

Marilyn Monroe Biography:  Marilyn Monroe's real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson, she lived an early life marked by a difficult childhood and time in an orphanage. Her early years were challenging, leading to a film career that made her a Hollywood icon.  Known for her acting and filmography, Marilyn achieved notable success on the big screen. However, behind her radiant star image of hers, she faced personal problems, tumultuous marriages and love affairs.
What Marilyn Monroe's Exes Said About Her - A Fun and Crazy Story!

Hello to all the intrepid readers and lovers of our iconic star! Today we are going to enter the exciting world of Marilyn Monroe's exes and discover what they said about her. While Marilyn was a silver screen legend, her love life seems to have been filled with as much emotion and drama as a soap opera. Get ready, because this is going to be fun.

Let's start with James Dougherty, the man who married Marilyn when she was still calling herself Norma Jean Baker. Imagine getting married so young and still not having a stage name! James and Marilyn met in 1942, when he was just 16 years old. It was a kind of escape for Marilyn, who had a difficult childhood in orphanages and in different family homes. But anyway, after four years, Marilyn filed for divorce from her, although James would always be related to her. Even the Los Angeles Times obituary of her was based primarily on quotes from him about her over the years! But, pay attention, when they asked him about her, he almost always called her Norma Jean! It seems like he never got to meet the iconic Marilyn.

Now let's move on to her second husband, Joe DiMaggio, a sports legend. Yes, I know what you're thinking: "What can a former baseball player say about Marilyn Monroe?" Well, according to the book Joe and Marilyn: Legends in Love, Joe was dangerously jealous. He was so jealous when any man who approached Marilyn would go so far as to harass and hit her! No wonder they divorced in less than a year... However, after the divorce, they became good friends. By the way, many of Joe's thoughts about Marilyn come from his conversations with his podiatrist, Rock Positano. Yes, his podiatrist! It seems Joe wasn't shy when it came to sharing memories about Marilyn, to the point of telling him about her relationship with her. Wow, you never know what secrets you can get from a podiatrist.

Now, here comes the really fun (and complicated) part. Let's meet Hal Schaefer, a musician and singing teacher, who met Marilyn when they were working together on the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Who doesn't remember that movie? Well, it turns out that Marilyn hired Hal as her singing teacher in several movies, and spending so much time together led to them having an intimate relationship. But that was a problem, because Marilyn was still married to Joe DiMaggio at the time. Oooops! Hal realized that he was being followed and spied on for information about his relationship with Marilyn. He even tried to commit suicide, but she nursed him back to health. However, their relationship did not survive those obstacles. What madness!

Now, let's talk about Arthur Miller, the famous playwright. His marriage to Marilyn was his longest, lasting four and a half years! During that time, it seems they both had to deal with their own demons. After Marilyn passed away in 1962, Arthur spent a lot of time delving into what was left of their relationship and eventually wrote a play based on her called After the Fall. And that's not all! Even at age 87, he was still inspired by her. her, friends! In 2004, Arthur wrote another play called Finishing the Picture, in which a woman resembling Marilyn is a major character, although she is never seen! What a way to express her feelings, Arthur! Genius or madness? Up to you...

But wait, now comes the best. It turns out that Marilyn wasn't the only woman in Miller's life, she was also having a secret romance with... Elia Kazan! Who would have imagined it? Kazan, the acclaimed director of films such as "On the Waterfront" and "A Streetcar Named Desire," also fell under the blonde bombshell's spell.

But here's the twist: Not only did Kazan entangle his love life with Miller's, but he also had a dark side. It turns out that at some point in his career, Kazan decided to "throw under the bus" some of his creative peers before the House Un-American Activities Committee. What a way to win friends, Elia!

Unsurprisingly, this action did not go down well with many in Hollywood, and even when he received an honorary Oscar in 1999, hundreds of people protested outside the theater and many attendees defiantly refused to applaud him. It seems that politics and cinema are not always a good combination.

In addition to causing controversy in the political sphere, Kazan also had problems in his love life. His first wife, Molly Day Thatcher, was not exactly thrilled with his continuing affairs. But the jewel in the crown was when Kazan's selected letters were published in 2014. There, the director explained the affair with Marilyn to his wife in a way, how can I put it... not very kind. Oops!

But don't worry, because despite everything, Kazan always had sweet

What Marilyn Monroe's Exes Said About Her - A Fun and Crazy Story!


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