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"Sell me again, Sam!"

The incredible story behind Marilyn Monroe's last painting

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"Sell me again, Sam!"

Today we want to immerse ourselves in the exciting world of art and culture, to present to you a work that has caused a stir in the artistic world. The title chosen by the talented and eccentric painter Salud Bonachero for this majestic creation is nothing more and nothing less than "Sell me again, Sam...". And yes, we know that you find that title a little intriguing, but don't worry, because here we are going to tell you everything.

This work of art, which you can see through our website, inaugurates the virtual exhibition of Salud Bonachero in our museum reserved for those like Andy Warhol; dare to dream about Marilyn. But what is so special about this painting? Well, for starters, she's just fantastic and genuine. In it, we can see Marilyn Monroe naked, yes, yes, you heard it right, naked. But don't be alarmed, there is nothing vulgar in this work. On the contrary! The painter has managed to capture the essence and beauty of Marilyn in a unique and elegant way.

But beyond her dazzling technique, "Sell me again, Sam..." is also a criticism, it may even be sharper still; a self-criticism. On the canvas, Marilyn appears holding her face, or rather, using one hand as if it were her face. What does this mean? Well, this is a metaphor that represents all the artists who have taken advantage of Marilyn's image since her tragic death in 1962; Do you remember the saying “Don't bite the hand that feeds you”? Well there she has nailed it...

But the story does not end here, because we from the Marilyn Monroe Company and from this; her blog, we take the opportunity to vindicate her image. It turns out that, over the years, many big-name and dubious brands have profited indiscriminately from the Marilyn Monroe brand. Even a Chinese multinational plans to bring it to life in 3D to promote its products around the world! They imagine? Marilyn selling everything from cosmetics to appliances, or Who knows? Even condoms or dildos. Crazy! Let's all join the strike of American actors so they don't see what's coming their way!

But don't worry, because at Marilyn Monroe Company we want to make clear our commitment to the iconic actress, respecting her image and her rights over it. We focus on highlighting her style and empowering spirit through high-end women's fashion. We love Marilyn Monroe and everything she represents in the world, and that is what we want to convey from 1962 to infinity and beyond.

So now you know, don't miss this unique opportunity to admire and reflect on Marilyn Monroe's legacy through "Sell Me Again, Sam...". You can't miss it. We are waiting for you at our virtual exhibition!

"Sell me again, Sam!" - The incredible story behind Marilyn Monroe's last painting


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