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Painting: Lunar Night

Collection: Marilyn in Oleo / Artist: Salud Bonachero

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Painting: Lunar Night

Whoa, whoa! Here we have a work of art that makes us reflect on the duality of Marilyn! Who would have thought that behind that glamor and seduction hid a vulnerability and fragility? It's as if they are telling us that even the brightest stars have their moments of weakness.

And not only that, it also invites us to reflect on fame and the pressure that comes with it! Have you seen that mole on her face? That mole represents all the burden she carries on her shoulders, as if to say "hey, being famous isn't as easy as it seems, huh?"

But that's not all, friends. The choice to paint Marilyn in her underwear also has its meaning. It shows us the exposure and objectification that women are often subjected to in the entertainment industry. Poor Marilyn, always in her underwear for the delight of others! Although, well, it's not like we're complaining much, right?

And let's talk about the technique used, because that is also important. Salud Bonachero has decided to use oil paint, which gives the painting a unique texture and depth. It's as if the painting takes on a life of its own, as if Marilyn were there, looking at us from the canvas and saying "hey, here I am, I'm more than just a figure in a painting."

And those dark colors and contrasting tones, how wonderful! They create a mysterious and melancholic atmosphere that catches us and makes us lose ourselves in Marilyn's world. It is as if we were on a full moon night, surrounded by secrets and emotions.

In short, "Lunar Night" is a work of art that makes us think and feel. It combines elements of reality with imaginative elements to create a unique representation of Marilyn. Each viewer may interpret it differently, but what is certain is that this painting captures the essence and complexity of this iconic figure. So, if you ever find yourself in front of this work, take a moment to appreciate it and let yourself be carried away by the magic of it. You won't regret it!

Painting: Lunar Night / Collection: Marilyn in Oleo / Art


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