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A summer day, an oil painting of Marilyn Monroe

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A summer day, an oil painting of Marilyn Monroe

The collection of paintings about Marilyn Monroe, called "Marilyn in Oleo", created by the Chilean artist and painter Salud Bonachero, will accompany us for the rest of the summer. Each day, we will share one of her priceless majestic works of art. This talented artist is known as the Andy Warhol of the 21st century.

The "Marilyn in Oleo" collection shows us Marilyn in all her splendor. Each frame highlights the fantastic silhouette of her and the extraordinary contour of her. From her famous red fashion style dress, mini skirts, contemporary bikinis and so on to taking everything off to display her sexy breasts, in painting this is done naturally, even more so with Marilyn as a model, as she is a symbol of sensuality and femininity. She is a special woman, who represents the highest level of beauty and attractiveness.

The work of Salud Bonachero invites us to enter the world of Marilyn Monroe in a unique way. Her brush strokes capture the essence and magnetism of this iconic figure. Each painting transports us to a time when Marilyn reigned on the big screen and in the collective imagination dressed in current fashion and environments closer to us than to the 50s.

This collection is an opportunity to appreciate the talent of Salud Bonachero and her ability to capture the essence of Marilyn Monroe in each of her works. Her paintings invite us to reflect on the beauty, the power of the image and the fascination that Marilyn continues to exert today.

We cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy this unique collection. "Marilyn in Oleo" offers us an intimate look at the life and legacy of one of the most iconic figures of the 20th century. Join us for the rest of the summer and discover the beauty and magnetism of Marilyn Monroe through the eyes of Salud Bonachero, the Andy Warhol of the 21st century.

A summer day, an oil painting of Marilyn Monroe


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