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La Marca Original Marilyn Monroe

The Official Brand Story "Marilyn Monroe"

The best shopping experience

My name is James Monroe, President and International Director of Marilyn Monroe Company, the entity that owns the authentic and only original brand of women's fashion Marilyn Monroe, I am writing to you on behalf of the entire professional team of which we make up, we have directed this prestigious brand inspired by the life and work of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe since her dramatic disappearance, we have been copied countless times and "honored" as many times, but it is time to resurrect and bet on a unique style, elevating it above the standards of conventional fashion, keeping her away from vulgarity while we claim her unique style is our most honest way of loving her, becoming aware of her mystical universe, feeling it in pure skin and expanding her glamorous spirit as an unlimited symbol of femininity, until we spread it throughout the last corner of our planet. because whoever does not wear the most iconic lip print in history, she cannot be an empowered woman of our time.

At Marilyn Monroe Company we offer you top-notch products and exceptional customer service, which you will enjoy from the comfort of your home. We are a women's fashion brand with immense guarantees and made up of a human team at the cutting edge in terms of innovation, our team always focuses on going above and beyond in every detail. We have the drive and the means to constantly update and improve the high-end and maximum exclusivity experience in each of our creations.

Our virtual store is synonymous with quality and safety, therefore, we guarantee you have the greatest variety of merchandise, as well as seasonal or limited edition products adapted to any budget. Take an in-depth look and buy everything you want here and now.


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