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 La marca Marilyn Monroe es la esencia espiritual de la diva de Hollywood. Con su pelo rubio platino, estilo único y ese distintivo lunar, es aún una de las mujeres más emblemáticas de la moda actual. Encuentra aquí el teléfono, la cartera y mucha más de nuestra coquetería y adquiérelos ahora.


           Experience our market policy based on your satisfaction!

At Marilyn Monroe Company, we fully believe in the importance of honesty as a fundamental pillar of our market policy. We offer you the best and invite you to explore our exclusive collections, made and finished by hand, but available for a limited time. Make the most of this opportunity and quickly exhaust our stock as it won't last long. In addition, on our website you will find women's fashion tips and clothing combinations for women that will help you look impeccable at all times.

Take advantage of this opportunity to dress in the exclusive, top-quality style of the original Marilyn Monroe brand, where we design generous, fair and transparent policies for our clients, because your peace of mind and confidence are our top priority. We want you to feel safe and protected when purchasing our products. Your satisfaction is the most important thing for us!

Imagine a complete delivery service that makes you feel protected and exceeds all your expectations. With our extensive experience and creative talent, we offer you innovative solutions to improve your lifestyle. Don't miss the opportunity to be influenced by our ideas and elevate your qualities above others.

We offer you the acquisition of our clothing solutions in an easy, fast and pleasant way. Our quality is second to none and our designs are amazing. Discover the iconic fashion of the Marilyn Monroe brand, created by fashion experts and influenced by the legendary and authentic blonde bombshell. In our online store you will find the clothes you have always wanted. You won't be able to resist!

At Marilyn Monroe Company, we value your satisfaction and offer you a pleasant and friendly experience. Plus, you can rest assured that we offer product exchanges and protect your personal data. We want you to feel safe when making your purchases with us.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help you and provide you with the best service possible. Explore the unmatched quality and style of the Marilyn Monroe Company!


Relax and enjoy your purchases

Marilyn_Monroe_Firma color 5.png
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At Marilyn Monroe Company, we offer you high-quality and efficient service to satisfy all your needs. We want to provide you with a unique and pleasant experience in every purchase you make with us.

At the Marilyn Monroe women's fashion brand we manufacture each of our garments with the exclusivity of a high-end item. Our styles are innovative and adapt to current trends, but they also have influences from vintage fashion. The collections of the iconic fashion brand Marilyn Monroe include top quality garments, available exclusively in our official online store. Our priority is to please you, which is why we subject each garment to exhaustive quality controls to guarantee that you receive an impeccable product. In addition, we offer you a complete service, from your purchase of clothing to the care and attention in case of any inconvenience. Additionally, on the Marilyn Monroe fashion blog you will find advice on women's trends and clothing combinations for women that will help you show off a spectacular look. Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your lifestyle and purchase quality clothing. Our designs are available for a limited time, so we recommend that you quickly sell out of our numbered series. We are sure that you will be surprised by the new features we have to offer you.

Should any damage occur during shipping, we will be happy to help you resolve any difficulties quickly. Your satisfaction is our priority. Don't wait any longer and experience the benefits of exceptional service. Buy your favorite garments in our online store and discover the unique qualities that only our brand can offer you!

At Marilyn Monroe Company, we create iconic, cutting-edge fashion for women who want to stand out. Enjoy a premium experience and learn to combine our designs in a fun and easy way. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy a service that goes beyond. We are waiting for you at Marilyn Monroe Company!


What you need to know


The Marilyn Monroe Company warranty scheme is a fundamental part of our offering. We want to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their purchases and feel protected in case of any difficulties. That is why we offer a minimum two-year warranty, in accordance with EU regulations, since it is in Paris where we locate our high-performance design and creation center.

Women's fashion brand Marilyn Monroe's warranty covers any defects that may arise in the product for a period of two years from the date of purchase. If the product turns out to be defective within this period, we promise to replace it with a new one or issue a full refund.

It is important to note that the legal warranty of the Marilyn Monroe Company covers any defect that already existed at the time of delivery.

It is important to note that there are certain situations where the warranty does not apply. Products that are imperfect due to use, repaired or remanufactured by the customer, are generally not covered by the warranty. Therefore, we make sure to inform you about these situations before making your purchase, alerting you to avoid using our garments in these ways.

In conclusion, the two-year warranty offered by the women's fashion brand Marilyn Monroe is a way to ensure the satisfaction and protection of our customers. We are committed to promising you high-quality products and supporting their normal operation. Take advantage of this opportunity and quickly exhaust our stocks.

               OUR PRIVACY POLICY

   Your personal information in the best hands

Ingresando los detalles de la tarjeta de crédito

The privacy policy of the Marilyn Monroe Company is of utmost importance to ensure the security and privacy of personal data collected on our website. We care about your relaxation and confidence when dressing with the influence of women's fashion brand Marilyn Monroe.

In our online store, you can buy your favorite clothes and discover the quality and style that only our brand can offer you, providing you with a privacy policy governed in accordance with the GDPR law of the European Union. This means that our policy is simple, concise, transparent and understandable, without ambiguous or overly technical terms. We create iconic, cutting-edge fashion, and we strive to provide you with an unbeatable deal.

At the Marilyn Monroe Company we have a series of principles in our privacy policy:

·     The principle of transparency, loyalty and legality requires the express consent of the user for the processing of personal data.

·     The minimization principle ensures that we only collect the information necessary to provide the requested services.

·     The term limitation principle establishes that personal data will be deleted once its purpose has been fulfilled.

·     The principle of confidentiality and integrity ensures that we take all precautions to protect data from unauthorized access.

In conclusion, at the Marilyn Monroe Company we care about your safety and comfort when wearing our fashion brand, because our privacy policy meets the required principles to guarantee the protection of your personal data with extraordinary rigor.


Marilyn Monroe Original Brand
Walk of Fame, Hollywood Boulevar S/N
Los Angeles, California, 900027
Estados Unidos
Página web:
Representante autorizado en Europa: John M. Walled
Número de registro: HRB 123.478/4
Tribunal de registro: California, Estados Unidos
Si está disponible: ID del IVA
Ley de IVA: United State 123456789

MM-5 (1).png
Marilyn_Monroe_Firma color 5.png


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